Thursday, January 15, 2009

TV Opinions

Have you seen American Idol this time around? I love the new judge, Kara, she has her own opinion. Unlike Paula that seems to agree with everyone else's opinion for the most part. And Paula is all smiles this time, so big to show off how white her teeth are? Her teeth are glowing white! They are blinding the contestants and that is what is making them sing off key! Maybe it's to see how they perform under bright lights?
The first night there was this cute little 16 year old girl with dark hair and she her voice was so beautiful! She is my favorite so far this year. She is my pick. She will make it to the top ten for sure.
Are you watching True Beauty? Produced by Ashton Kutcher. I love this show! I have only seen the first episode. Have I already missed the second episode? I wonder if they have them to watch online? I'll have to check this out. These people think they are so beautiful and that it is their right to be that way and everyone around them should appreciate it. One even said that she was so thankful to be beautiful.  What? Does she sit around the Thanksgiving table when everyone says what they are thankful for? And Other people say things like for my health and my family, but she says for her beauty? How wrong!

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